Used Bassoons

Whether you’re beginning your bassoon journey, or looking for your forever instrument, MMI has you covered. Our selection of used bassoons spans a large range of brands and ages. Additionally, nearly all of our used bassoons receive a professional in-house maintenance before being sent to you.

Need a recommendation? Our bassoon specialists match you with the best instrument based on your budget and playing needs.

MMI does not own our used bassoons. Instead, they are all sold on a consignment basis. As a result, enables more flexibility for you on the prices. We consult with the owners before setting the prices. Make an offer!

Prices listed are credit card prices. Please see individual listings for the check prices. Any bassoon priced above $30,000 gets listed at the check price, but please keep in mind that 3% will be added if purchased by credit card.

Remember to check out our New Bassoons as well!

Updated Warranty Policy

There are 3 warranty options for used bassoons. Please see the individual listings to learn what warranty each instrument has.

“As-Is:” This bassoon had no repair work done and does not come with a warranty.

“Repair Plan:” This bassoon underwent minor work. It comes with a 1-year plan that covers small repairs and adjustments only.

“Maintenance Plan:” This bassoon received significant repairs or an overhaul. It comes with a 1-year plan that includes a general servicing and small repairs as needed.

Want to Trial a Bassoon?

No problem! If you see something you like, call our bassoon specialists, Nick and Trevor. They can also make recommendations for you.

Our trials are 7 days from the day you receive our instruments. We do not ask for a deposit – all you need to pay is the shipping cost!

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