Raymond Santos, Kansas City Symphony, Principal Clarinet & Buffet-Crampon Artist

Midwest Musical Imports has been a wonderful resource for me. They've been able to help me sell several of my instruments on consignment, which took the stress out of the instrument selling process. Additionally, it's been a great place for me to visit and try their inventory of clarinets. Tori has a great selection of instruments, and it was very easy to find a set of clarinets that fit my needs. I highly recommend Midwest Musical Imports to students and professionals.

Greg Raden, Dallas Symphony, Principal Clarinet & Buffet and Vandoren Artist/Clinician

A must see for woodwind players in or visiting the Minneapolis area. MMI has a beautiful, spacious store and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!

Frances Colón, Former Principal Oboe, Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra

"I have been a customer for over a decade and have always received the most amazing customer service there is. Products are shipped immediately and arrive fast extremely well packed and taken care of. Thank YOU, Midwest Musical Imports for your service to the music community! Bravo!"

Norbert Nielubowski, Minnesota Orchestra

For buying and selling new or used instruments and double reed supplies, MMI is a great place for all your bassoon needs. With their excellent staff and their extensive inventory of new and used bassoons, bocals, and supplies, MMI is a full service shop for all your bassoon needs whether you are a professional, student or amateur. I’ve always had great service from MMI- their great bassoon specialists, Jessica and Katie, are always ready to answer my questions about bassoons, bocals, or the latest reed-making equipment. MMI is my first choice.

William Short, Principal Bassoon, Metropolitan Opera

MMI's combination of high-quality merchandise, reasonable prices, and knowledgeable staff have made them my go-to double reed supplier for years. Whether I'm stocking up on cane for the next opera season, helping my students look for bocals, or just splurging on the latest gadget, they're the best!

Cathrine Wood, Clarinet Professor at Brandon University, MB

“Tori has helped many of my students select new clarinets. It was wonderful to work with her and MMI as they were both knowledgeable and friendly. My students were comfortable throughout the process as there was no pressure to make a purchase. They all ended up with excellent clarinets that were well set up. I would highly recommend MMI and Tori to my colleagues and students.”



E. Miller, Kansas City, KS

I definitely plan to send my oboe to the repair techs at MMI in the future. I don't think my oboe has played this well since I've purchased it!

Caitlin, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Midwest, I just received my oboe and English horn back from you all in the mail, and of course couldn’t wait to get some reeds out and play them. All I can say over and over is, THANK YOU… so very much. In all of my years of playing the oboe, I have never dropped an instrument and so you can imagine that when this happened after work one night I was more than a little bit freaked out. I had been needing to send my oboe somewhere for a long time, but always have a difficult time deciding when is an appropriate time to do so as I need it for work year round. I am so happy that I made the choice to send my instruments to you, and though it is a bit of a trek for them to go between Las Vegas and Minneapolis, I know that I can depend on you from now on! Thanks so much, I can’t wait to get back to working with this great instruments!

Ian Tyson, Freelance Clarinetist, New York, NY

I recently purchased a Buffet R13 from Midwest Musical Imports. The entire process was incredible. Clarinet specialist, Tori Okwabi, was so professional and thorough throughout every step of the process. She truly made me feel like a valued customer. Tori went above and beyond in customer service. Her knowlegde of the clarinet is top notch. I cannot say enough good things about Tori. She is definitley a key factor in me wanting to become a returning customer, as well as encouraging others to use MMI for all of their woodwind needs. I was very impressed with the new store space, large inventory, and professional staff. One other staff member I must mention is Jessica Nelson. She was also incredible to work with--such attention to detail and passion for what she does. Thank you, Midwest Musical Imports for the fantastic experience! I look forward to the next one.

David, New York

"I just want to thank you for the repair you made recently to a Fox oboe for my daughter at New England Music Camp. Everything went exactly as you said it would - the repair, the schedule and the shipping - and she is delighted to have it with her again. 'It's good!' is praise indeed from this picky teen, so well done!"

T.T., Arizona

I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you and MMI have done for me as a customer throughout the years. From the moment I first walked up to your table at IDRS 2011, I felt immediately welcomed. I remember you offered me a bottle of water, free basic repairs and then even went out of your way to try bocals with me. I have never had a negative interaction with you or your company and you are, quite honestly, the best company I have EVER worked with for any reason. Thank you so much for getting my old bassoon sold (not to mention selling me my current bassoon which I LOVE). I will always recommend MMI to anyone I know and I expect that I will continue to be a customer for the the long future ahead.

Nathan Hughes, Metropolitan Opera | Oboe Faculty, The Juilliard School

Thank you MMI for all the knowledge, care and wonderful service you have provided for so many of us over the years! You are an invaluable resource for musicians everywhere!