Bassoons & Bocals

MMI is proud to sponsor Bassoons Without Borders, an online symposium taking place August 2021! This event will bring together incredible bassoonists from all over the world for masterclasses, reed classes, seminars, and much more! You can learn more and register at See you there!

Your next instrument is in stock. Whether you’re looking for a bassoon for college, your forever instrument, or just an amazing bocal, MMI has you covered. Our selection of bassoons and bocals is unparalleled in the US. From Fox to Wolf, we have you covered.

Unbeatable Selection.

Our professionally trained bassoon specialists consult with you to find the right instrument for your needs and budget. Between our used and new inventories, our bassoons and bocals come from many different sources and manufacturers. As a result, we always find the right choice for you.

Not sure which bassoon or bocal is right for you?

Our simple trial policy ensures you have enough options to decide what’s best for you. We ship up to 2 bassoons, or 8 bocals on trial for up to a week! Call 1-800-926-5587 and speak with one of our bassoon specialists to learn more.

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