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"Stephan Leitzinger has dedicated himself to building bassoons of the highest quality for 30 years. The foundations of this quality are his passion for the bassoon combined with his accumulated knowledge and instrument building experience. Each bassoon is hand-made by Stephan Leitzinger himself, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technological advances, to create an instrument that is perfectly suited to each individual musician’s desires. Leitzinger Bassoons are made of long-seasoned mountain maple. The storage and selection of the wood is an important prerequisite for a high quality instrument. The special characteristics of the Leitzinger Bassoons are their full, yet flexible tone, that projects well paired with excellent intonation and well-designed keywork. The instruments allow for effortless control of tone colors and dynamics all while maintaining a beautiful sound."


Leitzinger offers 2 different model of bassoon: the Model I and Model II. Please inquire with our bassoon specialists about the availability of each.

The Model I features a flexible, focused sound that is full of overtones, with even intonation and easy response.

The Model II features a compact, warm sound with excellent projection, many overtones, and stable intonation.


Leitzinger bassoons come in two finishes: mahogany (dark red/brown) or antique (orange-ish). Please inquire about the finishes of our in-stock bassoons.

Key Work

Leitzinger bassoons comes with the following standard key work: full Heckel system up to high E, Sterling silver speaker tubes, extra rollers on Low C/D, WK/C#, A vent key, F# pinky key, and right thumb keys, Eb trill on the wing joint, extra low C, a balance hanger, and a swivel-mounted hand rest for the right hand.

Additionally, our in-stock bassoons may be equipped with extra options, including high F key and Ab-Bb trill. All in-stock bassoons are gentleman's cut for easy travelling.

Leitzinger bassoons come in leather Marcus Bonna cases. They also come with 2 Leitzinger bassoon bocals. The default packaged bocals are the MF1 and 2 with platinum plating, but these bocals can be exchanged for any in-stock Leitzinger bocals at no additional cost.

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