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The Fox Model III is a polypropylene instrument, with the same bore design as the Model II.

Fox professional model bassoons emphasize workmanship and consistency. They feature easy response, great intonation, and a warm sonorous tone quality. Fox bassoons boast a variety of options for material, key work, and bocals. Their customization options are unmatched by most other makers. Fox bassoons are the instruments of choice for many leading American symphony players. Plus, their quality and craftsmanship is unrivaled in the US.

The Model III is a thin-wall bassoon. The polypropylene body allows for extra durability. Most importantly, this does not sacrifice the classic dark tone or flexibility in tone color. The long bore also allows for a deep, sonorous tone, especially in the low register. As a result, this instrument is ideal for outdoor concerts.

Model III Features and Customization

Like all Fox bassoons, the Model III features silver-plated keys. It also comes with high D as standard key work, but not high E. The bell is German-style.

Unlike the Renard plastic instruments, the Model III and IV have many custom options. They suit the needs of any player, and provide an alternative instrument for outdoor playing. The Model III has many custom key options, so this bassoon is the premiere plastic Fox instrument

The Model III comes with a Fox T2 and T3 bocal. Don't let the material fool you! These bassoons are professional-level instruments, and are playable in a variety of settings.

The Fox Model III is on special order only, so please call our bassoon specialists to learn about the custom options available!

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