Used Contrabassoons

Whether you’re looking for your first instrument or your last, MMI will help you through the process. Used contrabassoons are rare, but they receive the same level of care that any of our bassoons do. Rest assured that a contra from MMI is going to play as it should.

We do not own our used instruments; instead, they are sold on consignment. As a result, this allows for a lot of flexibility on the prices. We consult with the owners before setting the prices, and take offers to them as well.

Prices listed are credit card prices. Please see individual listings for the check prices. Any bassoon priced above $30,000 are listed at check prices, but keep in mind that 3% will be added if purchased by credit card.

Want to Trial a Contra?

No problem! As long as you pay for shipping there is no obligation. We understand shipping contrabassoons is expensive and we calculate the charge based on your address. Please ask a bassoon specialist for a quote!

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