New Howarth Oboes for Sale

Since the company was founded in 1948, Howarth oboes have become known as some of the finest in the world. American professionals have recently taken an interest in Howarth oboes for their ease of playing and consistency of sound from oboe to oboe. The student models share many of the qualities of the professional oboes and are a great value. The professional oboes, the XL and XLV, are first-class. The XL has thick bore walls and has a sound that is immediately smooth and complex. The LXV is the most recent addition to the professional oboes mixing the thickwall of the XL with a slightly smaller bore in the top joint of the XM (European model). The keywork of all Howarth oboes is comfortable and maintains its adjustments. When you buy a new Howarth oboe online from MMI, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a quality product that will last for years to come.

Howarth provides many crack prevention options for their instruments ranging from VT or lined top joints to completely synthetic top joints. The Delrin top joints are popular for both the intermediate and professional instruments while the Jazz options (available in both CocoJazz and Black Jazz) are popular with the professional instruments and add a kick of color!

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