Howarth LXV-VT Professional Oboe, Grenadilla with Plastic Lined Top Joint

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Howarth professional oboes are available in either high density Grenadilla (dalbergia melanoxylon) or in Cocobolo (dalbergia retusa). The density of the Blackwood gives a dark and powerful sound, enhancing the projection. Cocobolo is a lighter, lower density wood which produces a warm, rich palette, offering a distinct alternative in timbre. Our professional oboes have metal socket liners and metal sleeved tenons, offering greater protection and durability to the instrument and better mechanical security. The keywork is finished in a generous layer of silver plate. Gold plating is available to special order.

The LXV model has been carefully designed for the exacting demands of professional performers, taking into consideration the desired sound and response from the instrument. The LXV is the newest oboe in our collection and combines the thicker walls of the XL with the smaller bore of the XM to give an instrument with powerful projection and a continental dark sound.

Howarth professional oboes are supplied in a bespoke solid wood case lined with green velvet. The case is protected by a Howarth professional oboe case cover.

Technical Specification:

Body in African Blackwood, also known as Grenadilla (dalbergia melanoxylon)
Full Conservatoire System
Semi-Automatic Octaves
3rd Octave Key
C-D Trill Key (X 2)
C-C# Trill Key
Forked F vent
Low B-C Link
Extra trill mechanisms (Ab-Bb, Ab-A)
"Banana Key" - low C-C# trill
Eb-E trill mechanism
Articulated C# mechanism
Metal-lined tenon sockets and sleeved tenons
Undercut tone holes
Low Bb vent
All necessary adjusting screws
Adjustable thumbrest
Weight - ca 760g
Now supplied in professional solid wood case


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