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Used Schreiber Contrabassoon #11xx


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At a Glance

  • Full key system to low BBb
  • Comes with 3 bocals - a Heckel C1 and 2 Schreiber bocals
  • Protected by a high quality hard shell case

This professional-level contrabassoon is in excellent condition! It is practically new, having been only lightly used before coming to MMI.

Schreiber contrabassoons look practically identical to Mollenhauer contrabassoons. In fact, it's likely they were even made in the same factory. If you prefer the sound or feel of a Mollenhauer contra, this instrument is absolutely worth a try!

The sound on this contra is rich and dark, with enough color to help project through the orchestra. It also has great response and an even scale.

Most notably, this contrabassoon has really comfortable keywork. The nested low Bb key is brilliant and feels better than most low note keys for such an instrument. The inclusion of rollers on the C/Eb keys and the thumb Bb/F# keys is also great, and makes playing the instrument smooth.

If you're in the market for a high-level contra, you should take this instrument seriously.

The check price for this contrabassoon is $29,500; the card price is $30,385.

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