New Bassoon Bocals

Every bassoon needs a good bocal. MMI gives you the advantage by providing the greatest variety of manufacturers possible.

All bocal makers use different systems to sort and categorize their products. It is very confusing – but our bassoon specialists know how to tell the difference. If you need help figuring out what’s what, call them!

Need a recommendation? Our bassoon specialists match you with the right bocals for your needs and budget. We have bocals for high notes, low notes, or all-around playing.

Mix and Match

Our bassoon specialists have played a large part of the bocal inventory at MMI. As a result, they know what each kind is best for, and can provide quality suggestions you may not have considered. If you bring your bassoon in, our bassoon specialists can also play your instrument and make an instant suggestion!

Want to trial some bocals?

No problem! If you see something you like, call our bassoon specialists. They can also make recommendations for you.

Our trials are 7 days from the day you receive the bocals. We do not ask for a deposit – all you need to pay is the shipping cost!

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