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Heckel receives recognition the world over as the best manufacturer of bassoon bocals. Most instruments improve noticeably with a good Heckel bocal.

Silver plating is known for producing a rich, dark tone and having easy response. Silver is the most popular plating on bocals.

Please note: Heckel no longer makes nickel-plated bocals but a limited quantity are still in stock. Ask our bassoon specialists about which bocals still have nickel plating available!

Understanding Heckel bocals can be confusing. Please consult with our bassoon specialists for a good bocal recommendation for your instrument.

Silver-plated bocals feature German (nickel) silver, and normally come in lengths 1 or 2. Lengths in 0 or 3 are special order only. Many types also come in English bend.

Bocal Types:

C: Thick-wall, made of Hard German silver (Z)

CC: Thick-wall, made of Soft German silver (N)

CD: Thin-wall, made of Hard German silver (Z)

XL: Aids in response in the high register.

V: Adjusts pitch in the tenor register.

R: Bocal is stamped on a special cap under the cork, allowing for more compression.

Our stock of bocals is always changing. Call or email today about our bocal trials!

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