Heckel Contrabassoon Bocal


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Heckel contrabassoon bocals are the highest quality bocals for the instrument. Similar to the bassoon bocals, the contra bocals have multiple bore types. Because contrabassoon designs vary between makers - much moreso than bassoons - finding a bocal that matches your instrument is likely a long process.

PLEASE NOTE! Our contra bocal selection is limited at the moment. However, we expect to receive a new shipment of bocals some time during the winter, and will have a larger variety of bores, available in lengths 1, 2, and 3. Please call about what we will receive, and how to get on the waitlist.


German silver is the base metal of our contra bocals. Silver is the default plating. Nickel plating is also no longer available. A special order is required for other metal or plating options.

Bore types:

C: Thick-wall, made of hard German silver.

CC: Thick-wall, made of soft German silver.

Call or email about our bocal trials!

We want to hear from you! Tell us which contra bocals you use, and which ones you think should be available! We want to improve our selection of bocals and become a better resource for contra players.

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