Wolf S-Bend Bocals


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Manufactured with innovation in mind, Wolf bocals offer a variety of bore designs, base metals, techniques, and wall thicknesses.


Nickel silver (N) is the base metal for drawn Wolf bocals. Additionally, all drawn bocals are silver-plated. Drawing is the typical process for a bassoon bocal.

Forged Bocals have three base metal options. These are nickel silver (N), gold brass (M) or a special rose brass (T). Forging the metal makes the bocal harder, which improves the vibration.

Wolf bocals come in a wide variety of thicknesses. Thickness is indicated with the metal type. The whole number represent 10ths of a millimeter, so N6 indicates a thickness of .6mm. Drawn bocals are all made with the number 6, but forged bocals are available in 6, 8, or 10.

Lengths vary, and are available between 2 and 3. Finer gradations are indicated by periods (ie 2 and 2. and 2..). The length does not indicate the pitch level of the instrument, but does have a subtle effect on the sound quality and comfort level of the player.

Forged bocals can also have a wide bore. The wide bore is similar to "pre-war" Heckel C bocals. This bore has a bigger sound and an easily responding extreme high register, but the pitch is more difficult to manage.

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