Wolf-Grundmann Bend Bassoon Bocals


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Bocals are available! Please call or email us to inquire about current inventory. These unique bocals must be tried to fully understand what makes them different.

Designed with a special curve developed by Professor Roger Grundmann of Dresden University, these Wolf bocals allow for air to flow more directly with less resistance, greater resonance, and good projection. High note response improves dramatically as well. Additionally, these bocals have an improved ergonomic feel. The placement allows the bassoon to be held lower on the body. This results in the wrists, elbows, and shoulders of the player relaxing. The bassoon is also held more directly upright, improving balance especially when standing, and reducing stress on the left wrist. The lack of an upward curve also removes the common problem of water catching in the bocal and causing a "popping" or "spitting" sound.

Wolf bocals are manufactured using 1 of 2 processes. The traditional "drawing" method involves soldering a seam and pulling the bocal through a machine to straighten and narrow the tube. Forged bocals are hammered into their shape using heat, but are a single piece of metal. As a result, forged bocals are far stronger and sturdier than their drawn counterparts.


Nickel silver (N) is the base metal for drawn bocals. Drawn bocals are silver-plated. Drawing is the typical process for a bassoon bocal.

Forged Bocals have three base metal options. These are nickel silver (N), gold brass (M) or a special rose brass (T). Forging the metal makes the bocal harder, which improves the vibration.

Wolf bocals come in a wide variety of thicknesses. Thickness is indicated with the metal type. The whole number represent 10ths of a millimeter, so N6 indicates a thickness of .6mm. Drawn bocals are all N6, but forged bocals are available in 6, 8, or 10.

Lengths vary, and are available between 2 and 3. Finer gradations are indicated by periods (ie 2 and 2. and 2..). The length does not indicate the pitch level of the instrument, but does have a subtle effect on the sound quality and comfort level of the player.

Forged bocals can also have a wide bore. The wide bore is similar to "pre-war" Heckel C bocals. This bore has a bigger sound and an easily responding extreme high register, but the pitch is more difficult to manage.

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Drawn Grundmann bocals are $715; forged bocals are $775.

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