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Interested in playing the bassoon? Whether you are looking to play a new instrument or are an established musician, MMI’s bassoon department can provide what you need with the highest quality brands and bassoon specialists to help you with all of your needs. From accessories to financing options, we have the services for you!

Beyond the expert sales staff, we provide a stress-free trial policy designed to make sure you can select the right instrument for you. Every bassoon is played by Jessica or Katie before being shipped, and adjusted in our repair shop if needed. You also get an automatic extra warranty and service on your new bassoon after purchase.

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Meet Nick and Fabio, Bassoon Specialists

Fabio Benites

“The best part of my job at MMI is to see the musician’s excitement when trying a new instrument, bocal, or when trying to use a different technique to play. My experience with bassoon orchestral playing, music education, and attention to detail help me guide all the bassoonists to find what they need to achieve the sound they want.”

Fábio Benites holds bachelors in bassoon, saxophone, and music education from the University of Brasília, Masters in Arts in bassoon performance from the University of Iowa, and Doctor in Music from Florida State University. Fábio was principal bassoon at Sergipe Symphony and is currently the 3rd bassoon and contrabassoon at Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, 2nd bassoon at Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, and 1st bassoon at Panama City Pops Orchestra. Fábio performed as a substitute bassoon as well in other orchestras in Brazil and the United States.

Nick Ober

“There are two things I enjoy more than anything in my job. The first is getting to ‘nerd out’ with people about bassoons, equipment, and music in general. There is nothing more invigorating and inspiring than talking with people who have boundless enthusiasm for the bassoon, no matter if it’s their favorite hobby or their professional calling. You can learn so much from chatting with people about what they care about, and sometimes, you can even become better at your job as a result. The second thing I get a lot of satisfaction from is helping to solve peoples’ issues with their playing. Whether it’s the instrument, the bocal, the reed, or something else entirely, it is so rewarding to help someone find what they need and to help them feel better about what how they’re playing. That’s not only something that applies to my job at MMI, but is the reason I want to be a professor of bassoon in the future.”

Having performed in a variety of settings and locales, Nick’s aspiration is to be as versatile of a bassoonist as possible. Although primarily experienced as a symphonic player, he has also performed in Opera pits, Theatre and musical productions, and new music ensembles. While obtaining his Master’s in bassoon at Northwestern, he helped launch the project Apres L’Histoire, a new music ensemble that performs and commissions works for the same ensemble used in Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat. He also co-founded the Seraphina Ensemble, a new music project focusing on living composers from underrepresented demographics. Most recently, Nick was in the cast for the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of Nell Gwynn. He has also performed with the Northbrook Symphony in Northbrook, IL . With 5 years of experience as a barista, he is also excellent at recommending coffee to people. He has a keen interest in bringing the bassoon to genres it is not normally found in, such as jazz. Someday, Nick hopes to maintain a bassoon studio at the college level.


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