Leitzinger F-Type Silver-Plated Bassoon Bocals


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From their website: "Based on the traditional German sound, Stephan Leitzinger has created a completely new bocal type which combines modern requirements with traditional sound quality. He has succeeded in achieving a sound that is equally rich in all registers while providing secure intonation and excellent response quality. Each bocal is individually soldered, hammered and bent by hand, then plated with either silver, gold or platinum. With these bocals the musician can play in a relaxed manner, be it pianissimo or fortissimo, while achieving the richest sound volume."

A Great Bocal from a Master Instrument Maker

Leitzinger bocals are great choice for a growing number of bassoonists! If you are having trouble finding the perfect match for your instrument, you may find your ansewer with Leitzinger bocals. Established in 1989, Leitzinger has become a staple of the bassoon community, rising in popularity with bocals that belong in the highest echelon of quality. In addition, Leitzinger offers a wide breadth of options and configurations. This allows the bassoonist to customize their experience with these bocals, and pick their perfect match.

We are very excited to offer these bocals to you! As bocal experts, our bassoon specialists are ready to recommend bocals for your needs and setup.

These bocals are silver-plated. Silver is a medium-hardness metal (compared to gold or platinum) that offers a balance between sound and projection.

This listing describes the F-Type bocals, a newer type form Leitzinger. For the other bocal types, please refer to the Leitzinger Bassoon Bocals listing.


Designated a "super bocal," the F type boasts a robust, powerful sound, great projection, tonal stability, and a larger color range. These bocals absolutely stand out, especially thicker-walled instruments. The two available types for this bocal are below:

MF - thick-walled; very powerful sound and good color range. Very stable. This bocal requires a lot of air!

ZF - offers an extraordinary sound, outstanding high-range with brillant clarity, strong midrange and well balanced low tones; a richly colorful bocal with clear tone. Slightly less stability and power than the MF, but an unbeatable range of color. The most vocal-sounding bocal! Also requires a lot of air.

These bocals are avialable in length 1 or 2.

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