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A bassoon made in collaboration between Wolf (Kronach, Germany) and Walter (Pleidelsheim, Germany).
The basic idea was to unite the extensive and accumulated know-how of both companies. This has led to the creation of a fully-fledged, professional bassoon for the demanding bassoonist with a well-balanced value for the money.


  • Made from mountain maple which has been well-seasoned for many years, and originates from areas which promote slow growth
  • Fabricated using CNC equipment designed for maximum precision and consistency in the production process
  • Additional improvement to the resonance through a special immersion process
  • All finger holes have ebonite liners that extend into the bore
  • Surface finished with robust, hand-buffed high-luster varnish

Key work

  • Comfortably positioned, high gloss silver-plated key work
  • All keys which do not have steel axle rods are mounted on our non-wear LCBearing system
  • 3D adjustable whisper key mechanism (adaptable for bocals of all manufacturers)
  • High-d key – e/f#-trill key – high-e key – c#/d#-trill mechanism – left hand whisper key lock – c#-trill key (boot joint) – front Bb touch – rear Ab-key
  • 9 rollers
  • Adjustment screws for low-D key and high-g ring-key
  • Acoustical low-D improvement
  • Additional low-C plate
  • Handrest holder with a special clamping device, which keeps the handrest securely in the required position
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