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The Fox Model II is the "grandfather" of all other Fox bassoons. It is the oldest model currently in production and takes after Hugo Fox's bassoon, which he used during his tenure in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Fox professional model bassoons emphasize workmanship and consistency. They feature easy response, great intonation, and a warm sonorous tone quality. Fox bassoons boast a variety of options for wood, key work, and bocals. Their customization options are unmatched by most other makers. Fox bassoons are the instruments of choice for many leading American symphony players. Plus, their quality and craftsmanship is unrivaled in the US.

The Model II is a thin-wall bassoon. The wood type varies from instrument to instrument, but is always a select, aged variety of maple. As a result, this instrument allows for a warm, dark tone, and an unmatched flexibility in tone color. The long bore also allows for a deep, sonorous tone, especially in the low register.

Model II Additional Features

The Model II comes fully equipped with professional, silver-plated key work. This includes high D and E keys, as well as a rotary whisper key lock. Rollers for little fingers on both hands are also included. Additionally, the II features a whisper-A bridge. The speaker tubes also come lined with nickel silver. As of September 2022, new professional Fox bassoon models come built with the following key work options: single high E & F keys, thumb Ab-Bb trill key, rollers on the whisper key and C# key, rollers on the low C and D keys, and rollers on the right thumb Bb and F# keys. They also come in the 5-piece long bell (aka "Gentleman's cut") as standard.

Like other professional model bassoons, the Model II boasts a full range of customization options, down to the wood type, bell style, and key work. Wood options include Mountain and Red Maple, and the bell options include the French or German bell rings. Additional rollers are very common add-ons. Please call our bassoon specialists to learn the full array of roller options available.


Please call our bassoon specialists to learn about the full range of custom key options. While Fox bassoons now come with a nice set of options, the list is not exhaustive and custom builds are still available. Other possibilities are silver water tubes, as well as modifications for small hands.

Balance hangers are also optional add-ons, and MMI's repair shop can install them in under a half hour.

The Model II, as with all thin-wall models, comes with a Fox T2 and T3 bocal. We also exchange any other Fox bocals in stock at no additional charge. Additionally, it comes in a Marcus Bonna case.

This instrument is ideal for an advanced college or professional player! Call a bassoon specialist today to learn about our trial process.

All Fox bassoons come with a wooden hand rest, seat strap, neck strap, swabs, and a polishing cloth. Additionally, we offer a 2-year, 1-service adjustment warranty with purchase. Please inquire for more details about our warranty policy.

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