Püchner Model Superior Bassoon

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The Püchner Model Superior is the bassoon of choice for many of the world's greatest players.

Püchner bassoons feature in orchestras all over Europe, and have a renewed following in the US. The wood, curly mountain maple, ages for over 20 years in their workshop. The new bore design, which is the same among all of Püchner's models, is thick-walled and allows for greater projection and volume without sacrificing tone quality or flexibility. The keys feature silver plating. All Püchner bassoons possess full professional key work: high D and E keys, rollers for both little fingers and the right thumb, and a left-hand whisper key lock.

Additional Features

In addition, the Model Superior features rollers for low D, low C, the whisper key, and C# key; additionally, all rollers are mother-of-pearl. It has an articulated Ab-Bb trill key, which can be used for G-Bb, Gb-Bb, and F-Bb tremolos. There is a double C# trill key touch on the boot joint, a double low C spatula, as well as a second spatula for high E. The low Bb key features a special adjustment screw for dampening and adjusting intonation on the low notes. The key work boasts nylon-lined pivot screw sockets, which makes the key action very smooth and silent. The tone holes also contain Sterling silver linings; additionally, 13 of the keys are Sterling silver.

The Model Superior is compact-cut only; however, it comes in three possible finishes, Antique, Traditional (Dark Red), and Classic (bright red).

The Model Superior boasts incredible intonation, projection, and response. It comes with 2 Püchner bocals: a CC1 and CC2. We also exchange any other Püchner bocals in stock at no additional charge. This bassoon also comes with a Marcus Bonna case and a 2-year, 1-service adjustment warranty with purchase.

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