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Open Box - Used Wolf Redline Bassoon #12xx


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Open Box Check Price: $16,995

This Wolf Redline was delivered in fall of 2022. It comes in a Kolbl bassoon case. It is accompanied by 2 Wolf N6 S-bend bocals.

This bassoon has gone to many trials and shows. MMI is the only owner of this instrument, and it is functionally a new instrument.

The Wolf S2000+V is a professional model bassoon, most comparable to a Fox 460, Kronwalt, or similar. Made with curly mountain maple, this model has a terrific sound and boasts the highest resonance of all Wolf bassoons. It also features key work up to high E. The ergonomic key design makes navigating the instrument easy, and a couple extra rollers make the instrument even more accessible. This bassoon possesses a warm, robust tone, and the color remains very consistent throughout the range of the instrument. Response is easy throughout, especially in the lowest and highest ranges. The beautiful red finish of these instruments is also quite striking!

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