Heckel Model 41i Bassoon

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Heckel bassoons receive recognition the world over as the best of their kind. These bassoons also boast the widest breadth of customization. Every detail of the bassoon is negotiable, from the bell type to the key options to the finish.

Currently, MMI receives bassoons on a standard order basis, and the options included are specifically requested by us. The options requested are intended to be tailored for high-level professional use. Please note, due to the nature of our order with Heckel, these options cannot be changed for an individual instrument. Custom orders are not available from MMI.

Heckels feature an incredible depth to the sound and a flexibility that allows for an incredible amount of nuance. These bassoons typically feature silver-plated key work and a red finish. The current serial number series is 16000. This series has thick walls, deep, penetrating sound, flexibility, and great response.

The Heckel bassoon come with 2 Heckel bocals with purchase. Due to their popularity, these bassoons are available on a wait list basis. Please give our bassoon specialists a call to inquire about the waitlist!

MMI also receives used Heckels on occasion, of every series. Check out our used list to see what Heckels are available!

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