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The Guntram Wolf company boasts a unique take on bassoon manufacturing. They employ modern techniques in their design process to improve both quality and consistency in their instruments. Additionally, the company loves innovation and has utilized newer materials to improve the playing experience of their bassoons. The two most obvious improvements are their ergonomic key systems and the LCBearing System. This system uses nylon washers to improve smoothness and silence in the key action in addition to reducing wear on key mechanisms.

Wolf S2000+

The S2000+ gets its name from the improvements it boasts from the model S2000, an instrument we can also special order. It is a professionally equipped bassoon made from highly figured flamed maple. It features high D and E keys, RH thumb Ab flat key, ebonite water tubes, and 7 rollers. Additionally, the wood has been treated with a special immersing process that allows for improved resonance.

Our Wolf bassoons come in either a special designed "Lupobag" gig bag, or a Kolbl bassoon case. Additionally, they come with the following items: 2 Wolf N6 bocals, cork grease, neck strap, and reed case.

Additional Customization Options

For custom orders, Wolf also offers a couple additional options. Besides extra key work, Wolf instruments come in two special configurations: Small Hands, and LT (Lightweight). The Small Hands model fetures extra long and easy-to-reach touch pieces to accommodate hands of any size. The LT model uses special materials to drastically reduce the weight of the bassoon. Since bassoons have trended heavier and heavier in the past few decades, this LT system can reduce the weight of a bassoon by as much as 50%! Both systems are available on the S2000, S2000+, and Redline models.

Please call our bassoon specialists today to ask about current availability, and custom orders.

Learn more about the Wolf modern bassoons here.


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