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Open Box - Used Leitzinger Model II Bassoon #12xx


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Open Box - Sent to Trial, Only Owned by MMI

  • Built 2024
  • Protected by a leather Marcus Bonna case
  • Accompanied by Leitzinger MF1 and 2 platinum -plated bocals
  • Mahogany finish

The Leitzinger Model II is a professional model instrument that features a robust, powerful sound, projection, and great intonation. Compared to the Model I, this instrument produces a huge amount of sound and is great for orchestral playing. True to form, this bassoon is absolutely terrific in the high range! It's so easy to get the extreme high notes out on a Leitzinger bassoon.

This bassoon has some extra key work, such as the low C plate, Eb trill, high F, and Ab-Bb trill. It also boasts plenty of extra rollers, including the A vent, low C/D, WK/C#, and for the right thumb stack.

This is one of our newest brands at MMI! We want you to play this bassoon and get a feel for it. We think the Leitzingers are very strong entries in the bassoon market, and this is your chance to try one yourself!

The check price for this bassoon is $28,695. Call today to schedule a trial!


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