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Open Box - Used Fox 601 Bassoon #70xxx


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Open-Box Instrument - Sent to Trial, Only Owned by MMI

  • Built 2023
  • Comes with Fox B2 and B3 bocals - can be matched with Heckels on request
  • Protected by a Marcus Bonna case

This Open Box Fox 601 has a terrific sound! The Fox 601 is a thick-wall, long bore instrument that's great for orchestral playing. Whether it's a solo or just good seciton playing, the Fox 601 can do it all, with good intonation and a dark, even tone. While the Fox bocals are matched to the instrument, we do highly recommend trying this instrument with a Heckel bocal, which helps fully unlock its potential.

Fox 601s come standard in the 5-piece long bell configuration, with Ab-Bb trill, high F, and extra rollers for both thumbs. Since it is technically a new instrument, it also comes with a set of swabs, neck strap, seat strap, and MMI's 2-year warranty. This particular instrument is made of mountain maple.

The check price for this bassoon is $31,000. Call today to schedule a trial with this Fox 601 bassoon!


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