Amati Model ABN36 Contrabassoon

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Amati is a Czech company based in Kraslice, well-known as a massive manufacturer of all types of musical instruments.

Amati contrabassoons maintain a reputation in the contra community for affordability without a sacrifice in quality. Recent improvements in the instrument boost its playing ability even further. The scale is much more even, and certain touch pieces have been improved upon or added. MMI is very excited to add the Amati contrabassoon to our already robust selection of contrabassoons.

This contra exhibits a wonderfully dark and resonant tone, especially in the lowest octave. The touch pieces are very comfortable as well. For comfort, the instrument comes with a threaded crutch to keep it secure while you're playing. It has rollers on the front Eb and C keys, as well as rollers on pinky keys for both hands. Additionally, it features an extra Eb touch for the right thumb, and a newly designed upper vent key with nested C# touch. The matte finish on the instrument gives it a distinguished look, and the bell engraving is particularly classy.

Amati contras are in stock and available! MMI has looked over, play tested, and made adjustments on our stock instrument to ensure it's quality is up to the standards of our bassoon specialists.

The Amati contrabassoon comes in a hard shell roller case, and has two bocals: an Amati Heritage 1A and 1AM. MMI can also help you match a Heckel contrabassoon bocal to this instrument to elevate your contra game!

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