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Used Wolf S2000+V Bassoon #11xx


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At a Glance

  • Protected by a hard shell case with Altieri case cover
  • Accompanied by 3 bocals: Wolf N6-2, Wolf Forged T10-3G, Fox C1

This Wolf bassoon is in great shape! The S2000+V is made with Birdseye Maple, a special variety of maple less commonly found than European mountain maple. This bassoon has a lovely, resonant sound characteristic of German-made bassoons of higher value. The keywork on this bassoon features an ergonomic design, made to be comfortable and easy to navigate without many rollers. It also features the LCBearing System, which uses nylon washers for silent key action.

Used Wolf bassoons are quite uncommon! This is a great chance to try a broken-in Wolf bassoon and get a feel for how they play.

The check price for this bassoon is $9,000; the card price is $9,270.

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