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Used Heckel 41w (World System) Bassoon #46xx


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At a Glance

  • Built ca. 1907
  • Protected by a Golden Bamboo Top-Loading Case
  • Does not have a bocal to accompany it
  • World System Heckel

This bassoon is absolutely beautiful! Built around the end of 1906 or beginning of 1907, it's in remarkably good condition. Once owned by William Waterhouse, this bassoon was purchased by the current owner in London.

The MMI repair shop has done some work to this bassoon, but enough to offer our warranty. It is currently in playable condition and seals, but many of the pads are very old and should be replaced.

This bassoon has a lovely, dark sound and a very even scale. It's wonderfully responsive as well! The World System instruments feature the German bassoon sound profile, with a mostly French bassoon key system. The left thumb in particular is more-or-less the French system design, while the boot joint has hallmarks of both French and German bassoons.

If you are not familiar with the French bassoon fingerings, this instrument may present a challenge. It also does not come with a bocal - we recommend a good prewar, VCC, or something similar.

It's also quite light! If the weight of modern bassoons is an issue for you, you may find this bassoon refreshingly easy to hold.

World system Heckels are very uncommon these days. While it may be not be suitable for a young bassoonist, a player familiar with the French system or an instrument collector may find this a pleasing piece of history.

The check price for this bassoon is $10,000; the card price is $10,300.

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