Vinoski Bassoon Reed Wrapping System


This winder assists bassoonists in wrapping turbans! This system provides consistent tension in the thread making for a tighter, overall higher quality wrapping. This device is fully adjustable, hold both round and hexagonal mandrel tips, and can fully reverse for left-handed users. The adjustable chuck can hold any bassoon or contrabassoon mandrel tip up to a 1/4 inch. It also will hold oboe mandrel tips!

The winder also comes with a bobbin holder, thread tensioner, and threading tool to assist with applying the thread. The whole system is easy to use but may take some practice to master. The maker provides instructions for users as well as a link to a Youtube video to see a demonstration:

The Vinoski Reed Winder comes with the specially designed table clamp with chuck, bobbin holder and tensioner, threading tool, wrench for adjustment, and instruction sheet.

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