Tropical Bassoon Reeds


The Tropical Bassoon Reeds utilize the combination of the most precise machinery to process the cane and the expertise of a professional bassoonist. Every step from tube cane to finished reed receives careful inspection by the maker, who possesses more than ten years of experience making bassoon reeds. As a result, stable intonation, excellent response, and beautiful sound distinguish Tropical Reeds. The tube length is 27mm, and the blade length is 28-27mm.


The Soloist type helps the bassoonist that wants more sound projection and play higher notes without sacrificing the lower range. They come in three different shapes: Rieger 1a, Fox 2, and Herzberg.

The Rieger 1a and Fox 2 are similar, but the Rieger 1a is slightly wider at the tube and the middle of the blade. The Herzberg shape is an overall narrower shape, which helps bassoonists to bring up the pitch of the tenor range.

The Student reed helps younger players with softer sections and blend with the woodwind section. They are softer than the Soloist reeds, so if you like softer reeds, they are an ideal choice. The same quality control of the Soloist reeds features in the Student reeds.

Once you receive your reeds, the wires will probably be loose. However, that is normal, and happens when the reed has dried for a few days. They should be soaked for 5-10 min before the first use so the cane can expand and the wires won't be loose anymore. If the wires are still loose after a 10min soak, they will need tightening so the reed can function optimally.

Every Tropical reed comes in 6 colors: dark green, neon yellow, purple, navy, red, orange, and grey. We can send the colors you want if they are in stock.



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