ACDC Intermediate/Advanced Bassoon Reeds

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The ACDC Bassoon Reeds are ideal for bassoonists of all stripes and provide a range of sounds and timbres due to their requirement for more air support than lip pressure. The maker's motto is "Let the Reed Do the Work!" The ACDC Bassoon reeds provide a range of color and sound that lasts for the life of the reed. They have been tested and approved on a Puchner Model 5000 Bassoon.

Limit 2 per order.

ACDC Bassoon Reeds are made with Rigotti cane in the Rieger 1a shape.

At a Glance:

  • Handmade, ready-to-play reeds
  • Requires more air support than lip pressure
  • Offers a wide range of sounds and timbres
  • Tested on a new Puchner Bassoon

For beginners looking for a lighter feel, try using finer sandpaper to gently sand the reed in the direction of the cane or slightly close the first wire.

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Limit 2 per order.

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1 review for ACDC Intermediate/Advanced Bassoon Reeds

  1. mr.schigiel (verified owner)

    This reed plays very well with minimal adjustments. It plays well in tune and the response is great.

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