Bassoon Brands and Models

Choosing the right bassoon can be a daunting task. This guide will clarify what bassoon brands and models we offer as you seek the right instrument for you. We are always happy to speak with you over the phone, so please don't hesitate to call us at 1 (612) 331-4717. Click on the model number of each listing below for a link to our store page for that instrument.

Midwest Musical Imports is proud to offer:
Fox Bassoons
Heckel Bassoons
Puchner Bassoons
Walter Bassoons
Wolf Bassoon
Yamaha Bassoons

Beginner Level Bassoons

For the beginning bassoonist, we recommend the Fox 41, 51 or 222. These bassoons are made with fewer advanced features and polypropylene or less select wood in order to keep the price more reasonable for a beginner. These bassoons are designed with the player in mind for stability of intonation and tone but do not offer the flexibility of more advanced instruments.

Fox Renard Bassoon model 41, 51

Fox Renard Bassoon model 222

Intermediate and Advanced Bassoons

If you are a more advanced high school level player, college-bound musician, or a serious amateur we recommend the following models. These are typically made with better quality wood, more advanced features and higher quality bocals.

Fox Renard Artist Bassoon model 220, 240

Fox model III and IV bassoon

Professional Bassoons

If you are an advanced player looking for a professional level bassoon, the following instruments are made of the choicest woods and carefully, individually tuned to meet the demands of the most discriminating player.

Fox Bassoon 460 

Fox Bassoon 660, 201, 601, II, 680, 685

Heckel Bassoon 41i

Püchner Bassoon 4000, 5000, or 6000

Wolf Bassoon S2000+, S2000+V, Redline, Kronwalt

Walter Solo-Player Model Bassoon

Yamaha 812, 821