Yamaha Model YFG-812 bassoon


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The Yamaha 812 is a thick-wall bassoon designed for orchestral players. The body wall is 4mm thick. Designed after a modern Heckel bassoon, this instrument boasts a clear-powerful tone, suitable for a serious orchestral player. Plus, unlike many Yamaha instruments, the silver-plated key work is hand-made. Professional craftsmen fit the keys to each bassoon individually.

This bassoon also features easy-to-use and comfortable key work. As a result, the instrument helps players with difficult passages. A set of rollers also facilitates technical playing of the highest level.


Yamaha bassoons come in multiple configurations now, to better suit the needs of the individual player. The YFG-812 may come in the following versions:

Base 812: fully professional key work with E-F# trill and high E keys, 6 rollers, left hand whisper key lock, and a balance hanger.

812C: The same instrument but compact cut. The compact configuration from Yamaha comes as a 5-piece-style with the two metal bands on the bell. There is no long bell option.

812-22: The base model 812 with 5 additional rollers, plus a right hand whisper key lock instead of the left hand one, and a whisper A bridge key.

812C-22: The 812-22, in the compact cut.

Other Specs

Yamaha bassoons are protected by a Yamaha FGC-802N bassoon case (or the compact version, depending on the configuration). Additionally, they come with a small set of accessories including a reed case, swabs, and threaded hand rest, as well as MMI's 2-year new bassoon warranty.

Additionally, Yamaha bassoons have 2 bocals in the case: CNS1 and 2 Super Bocals. MMI can substitute the stock bocals for any other Yamaha bocals in our inventory at no additional cost, or for other brands at a reduced price for the bocal. These instruments play great with Heckel VCC bocals!


Please call our bassoon specialists to inquire about the available instruments and their configurations, and to ask about trials.

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