Yamaha 812 bassoon

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The Yamaha 812 is a thick-wall bassoon designed for orchestral players. It is ideal for players who prefer a round, warm tone, and who require the power to balance the volume of a modern symphony orchestra. The key systems on these instruments are hand-assembled by experienced craftsmen, with emphasis on superior quality and play-ability. A balance hanger and B-flat guard are standard, and a roller system and oversized left-hand thumb key facilitate performance of difficult passages. The left-hand little finger key and right-hand thumb and little finger keys have been located in the most natural, comfortable positions for significantly enhanced play-ability, allowing the performer to focus the music not the instrument. The 812 model is available in both standard and compact cut.

In the second photo, the 812 is pictured on the right.

Yamaha bassoons are currently only available as a custom order.


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