Yamaha 821 "Pre-war" bassoon

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The Yamaha 821 was designed for players who prefer a great degree of tonal flexibility. The 821 is a thin-wall bassoon with a larger bore design than the other Yamaha models.

Designed after a pre-war Heckel bassoon, this instrument boasts a warm tone, suitable for a high-level chamber playing. Plus, unlike many Yamaha instruments, the silver-plated key work is hand-made. Professional craftsmen fit the keys to each bassoon individually.

This bassoon also features easy-to-use and comfortable key work. As a result, the instrument helps players with difficult passages. A set of rollers also facilitates technical playing of the highest level.

These beautiful instruments come with a compact Yamaha hard case and an array of accessories.

Yamaha bassoons are currently only available as a custom order. Call a bassoon specialist or send us an email to learn more about Yamaha bassoons!

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