Buffet $250 Instant Rebate & MMI Discounts

Get up to $500 off your R13 Bb or A clarinet purchase now through December 15, 2020.  With Buffet's $250 discount and MMI's spectacular offers you can get up to $500 off! All clarinets are professionally setup at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to our clients. Learn more about our setup here.

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Royal Global Clarinets

Midwest Musical Imports is very excited to introduce our new partnership with Royal Global Clarinets and Brian Corbin Clarinet Products Distribution!

We have a selection of Royal Global inventory in our shop and are offering trials of these fine instruments - call today for more information about our generous trial process!

American Royal Global Artists include: Jonathan Cohler (Longy School of Music, Bard College), Jorge Montilla (University of Iowa), Christopher Hill (Principal Clarinet,  South Dakota Symphony Orchestra) and Lilly Haley (U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet Band).


Yuan Gao is the owner and clarinet designer of Royal Global. He is a decorated clarinetist who studied performance in Asia, Europe and the U.S. As a student, Yuan developed his instrument and accessory making skills, learning skills from instrument makers such as Luis Rossi. In 2010, after years of building instruments by hand in Boston, Yuan began sourcing parts and developing prototypes with some of China's top instrument manufacturers. Ultimately Yuan built his own facility near Beijing, China giving him 100% control over every part of the manufacturing process. This control helped achieve high standards in quality control, from natural aging of the wood to making all of the keywork and accessories in the same facility. Still to this day, clarinets are hand-finished near Boston. After 5 short years, Royal clarinets began selling and gaining recognition in over 25 countries such as Brazil, Italy, China, and Russia. Now, Royal Global is making more advances on their instruments and gaining traction in the U.S. clarinet market, garnering a reputation for high quality craftsmanship at a great value.

Wood selection:
The grenadilla (African blackwood) wood is aged anywhere from 5-10 years providing consistency in sound and minimizing the possibilities of cracking. Naturally dried and aged, all clarinets are unstained and display the natural beauty of the wood. The most dense and acoustically resonant pieces of wood are reserved for the high end professional models.

Key work:

A unique Royal Global feature, the silver and gold plating is applied using a process that leaves a heavier, thicker layer to protect against plating wear and enhance the feel in the hands. Uniquely the keys are double plated with silver or gold and are made from one solid piece. Yuan makes all his own keys in the same factory as the clarinets. Royal Global is also the maker of keys and parts for many major instrument makers across the globe.

*Learn how Royal clarinets are made here.


• Royal Global clarinets feature poly-cylindrical bores that are uniquely "stepped." Manipulating the bore shape and taper gives life to each model, unique in its response, flexibility, and tonal palette.
• Silent Mechanism, using synthetic body bumpers instead of old-school key corks that fall off and deteriorate
• Adjustable clarinet barrels (professional models)
• G/D lower joint vent and double-register Bb vent (Firebird only)
• 3 year manufacturer Warranty, including instrument replacement for cracks within the first year and joint replacement thereafter

Listen to Lily Haley play the Firebird model  - Here

COVID-19 Note to Valued Customers

How we are responding to COVID-19

EFFECTIVE FRIDAY APRIL 27th  - Curbside Pickup/Drop off of orders and repairs are now available. Please contact us at 800.926.5587 for more information.

In light of the recent health crisis facing our nation, we here at Midwest Musical Imports are deeply committed to the health and safety of our staff, clients, and community. Luckily, no one in our shop has been exposed to the Coronavirus at this time and we are directing all staff to stay home and away from the office if they’re not feeling well. It is imperative that during this time we protect ourselves as well as each other.

Cleaning & Sanitizing:

We are keeping close tabs on all state and national reports on the development of COVID-19. We are following all recommended CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing our space including disinfecting all public spaces, door handles, counter tops, and our employees’ work spaces.
Strict hand-washing guidelines have been put in place and our staff know they are to wash and sanitize before handling an instruments/accessories.

Reed Protocol:

We will continue to sell and process hand made oboe, English horn, and bassoon reeds. We have reached out to all of our reed makers and have asked that reeds be disinfected with the use of hydrogen peroxide or high content alcohol. We will also be sterilizing new shipments of reeds as they come in and we will be re-packaging all reeds in new, unused tubes and plastic coffins. Our staff have been instructed to wear gloves during this process.

Repair Shop Protocol:

Updates to our repair shop procedures are as follows –

  • Repair work will continue as normal however all instruments will be left to acclimate in our shop for approximately 48-72 hours before any work will begin.
  • Repair technicians will wear latex gloves while working on all instruments and masks where applicable.
  • Each of our repair technicians will clean/sanitize their work stations between working on each instrument. They will also clean and sanitize tools and work spaces throughout the day as well.
  • Instrument cases will be cleaned and sanitized as well, both inside and out, before the instrument is returned to its case.

Instrument & Bocal Trials:

Instrument trials will be extended from 7 days to 10 days to allow appropriate time for instruments to acclimate. We have recommended that you allow all instruments to rest and acclimate in your home for 48 hours before playing them.

  • All new and used instruments will be wiped down and cleaned prior to shipping.
  • All bocals (bassoon and English horn) will be cleaned and disinfected upon return to the shop and before leaving for the next trial.

Should you or anyone around you become sick during the trial or have been exposed to COVID-19, please notify us immediately so the necessary precautions and actions can be taken.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time!

(612) 331-4717

F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets

Midwest Musical Imports is very excited to introduce our new partnership with F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets and Moe-Bleichner Distribution!

Ricardo Morales - Principal Clarinet of The Philadelphia Orchestra is now an Uebel artist. Come learn and try for yourself why Morales made the switch to these amazing clarinets!

Event details:

Saturday, October 5, 2019 1:30pm-4:00pm at Midwest Musical Imports

The event will start at 1:30pm with an introduction of the clarinets by an Uebel representative.

The remainder of the event will be an open house with the chance to:

  • Meet and greet with Uebel representatives
  • Learn more about the history and unique details of their production process
  • Trial several Uebel clarinet models

To learn more exclusive details about the clarinets, listen to the Clarineat Podcast with Sean Perrin and CEO Victoria Moe and instrument maker Andreas Moe.


History of Uebel Clarinets: The company was founded in 1936, but within the past 10-15 yrs the clarinets have been reinvented with modern improvements.

Wood Selection: Wood is hand-selected, aged for 5-7 years and another 2+ years after the bore is drilled. Other manufactures now kiln dry their wood, taking it only 5 weeks from tree to completed clarinet. The Uebel clarinets have lesser chance of cracking due to their selection and aging process.

Selection process includes looking for wood density, where the wood comes from and if the drying process is slow enough. Each joint of the clarinet is matched in wood density, weight and grain direction. These factors contribute to an even tone throughout each register.

Durability: The wood of every Uebel clarinet is hand-selected and includes multiple layers of silver plating on the keys which results in a very durable clarinet inside and out.

Clarinet bore: As with most German clarinets the bore is larger than French clarinets. This provides a thicker wall and in turn has a larger, darker sound. The modern Uebel clarinets have a hybrid bore that is smaller than a traditional German bore, but appeals to those most familiar with a French bore system.

Ergonomics: Due to the larger bore, the tone hole placements are also different from French clarinets. The feedback has been that the reach, particularly in the pinky keys, is easier. Those with smaller hands or younger students have an easier time getting around the clarinet; especially on their very popular bass clarinet!




Custom Clarinet Set-up

Did you know that we put extra time and care into each instrument we sell?

MMI specializes in working with world renowned clarinetists to hand-select our professional line of clarinets. 100s of clarinets are played and we look for the following qualities in selecting the best:

•         Tonal center with a consistent tone throughout a wide dynamic range

•         Evenness in response and resistance in all ranges of the scale

•         Exceptional tuning throughout the instrument

Once selected the clarinets are setup by our repair technicians that have over 30 years of combined experience working on woodwinds.

The customized MMI setup includes:

•         Resurfacing tone holes as needed to eliminate unnecessary friction/fuzzy notes

•         Upgrading pads to Valentino Masters, cork and/or leather and replacing select key silencers

•         Reseating and leveling pads to create a proper seal

•         Key fitting, balancing spring tension, adjusting key venting and tenon fitting

•         Cleaning and play-testing


Other companies charge extra for the setup of a new instrument. We are offering the setup at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Our setup includes 3-4 hours worth of work valued at $450 and to you it is FREE!

MMI at Minnesota Clarinet Academy!

We are excited to be a sponsor for Alex Fiterstein's 4th Annual Minnesota Clarinet Academy this week, July 1-5, 2019. Tori and Caleb will be in attendance displaying instruments and mouthpieces and providing free-minor repairs to the academy attendees.

Be sure to attend the academies final performance on July 5, 2019 at St. John's Episcopal Church. The performance roster is filled with some of the countries best clarinetists. This is a concert you DO NOT want to miss! Visit http://www.fiterstein.com/clarinetacademy for more information.

Reduced Pricing on Many New Selmer Saxophones for 2019!

We're happy to report that Selmer has greatly reduced the pricing on many of their professional model saxophones which means big savings for our customers. Please have a look below at the 2018 pricing vs. the reduced 2019 pricing and contact our saxophone specialist Brandon at brandon@mmimports.com with any questions.


51J Selmer Paris "Series II" Soprano Saxophone: (Standard Lacquer)
Was $6,629.00 - Now $5,759.00!

52JU  Selmer Paris "Series II" Alto Saxophone: (Standard Lacquer)
Was $6,759.00 - Now $5,599.00!

53J Selmer Paris "Series III" Soprano Saxophone: (Standard Lacquer)
Was $8,029.00 - Now $6,509.00!

54JU Selmer Paris "Series II" Tenor Saxophone: (Standard Lacquer)
Was $7,859.00 - Now $6,849.00!

55AJF Selmer Paris "Series II" Bari Saxophone: (Standard Lacquer)
Was $13,959.00 - Now $12,269.00!

62J Selmer Paris "Series III" Alto Saxophone: (Standard Lacquer)
Was $7,549.00 - Now $6,439.00!

64J Selmer Paris "Series III" Tenor Saxophone: (Standard Lacquer)
Was $8,539.00 - Now $7,369.00!

66AFJ Selmer Paris "Series III" Baritone Saxophone (Standard Lacquer)
Was $15,329.00 - Now $13,439.00!

72 Selmer Paris "Reference 54" Alto Saxophone: (Dark Lacquer, Hand-Engraved)
Was $7,959.00 - Now $6,869.00!

74F Selmer Paris "Reference 54" Tenor Saxophone: (Vintage Matte, No Engraving)
Was $9,429.00 - Now $8,579.00!

84 Selmer Paris "Reference 36" Tenor Saxophone: (Regular Lacquer, Hand Engraving)
Was $9429.00 - Now $8,579.00!

52AXOS  "SeleS" Alto Saxophone: (Regular Lacquer)
Was $3,599.00 - Now $3,349.00!

84F Selmer Paris "Reference36" Tenor Saxophone: (Vintage Matte, No Engraving)
Was $9,429.00 - Now $8,579.00!

72F Selmer Paris "Reference 54" Alto Saxophone: (Vintage Matte, No Engraving)
Was $7,959.00 - Now $6,869.00!

74 Selmer Paris "Reference 54" Tenor Saxophone (Vintage Lacquer, No Engraving)
Was $9,429.00 - Now $8,579.00!

52JBL Selmer Paris "Series II" Alto Saxophone (Black Lacquer)
Was $7,259.00 - Now $6,579.00!

52JM Selmer Paris "Series II" Alto Saxophone (Matte Lacquer)
Was $7,259.00 - $6,519.00!

52JS Selmer Paris "Series II" Alto Saxophone (Silver-Plated Lacquer)
Was $7,569.00 - Now $7,069.00!

55AFJM Selmer Paris "Series II" Baritone Saxophone (Matte Lacquer)
Was $14,529.00 - Now $14,189.00!

51JBL Selmer Paris "Series II" Soprano Saxophone (Black Lacquer)
Was $7,159.00 - Now $6,759.00!

51JS Selmer Paris "Series II" Soprano Saxophone (Silver-Plated Lacquer)
Was $7,459.00 - Now $6,799.00!

54JBL Selmer Paris "Series II" Tenor Saxophone (Black Lacquer)
Was $8,359.00 - Now $7,909.00!

54JM Selmer Paris "Series II" Tenor Saxophone (Matte Lacquer)
Was $8,359.00 - Now $8,049.00!

54JS Selmer Paris "Series II" Tenor Saxophone (Silver-Plated Lacquer)
Was $8,859.00 - Now $8,499.00!

62JBL Selmer Paris "Series III" Alto Saxophone (Black Lacquer)
Was $8,159.00 - Now $7,609.00!

62JM Selmer Paris "Series III" Alto Saxophone (Matte Lacquer)
Was $8,159.00 - Now $7,489.00!

62JS Selmer Paris "Series III" Alto Saxophone (Silver-Plated Lacquer)
Was $8,359.00 - Now $7,969.00!

66AFJBL Selmer Paris "Series III" Baritone Saxophone (Black Lacquer)
Was $17,129.00 - Now $15,679.00!

66AFJM Selmer Paris "Series III" Baritone Saxophone (Matte Lacquer)
Was $17,129.00 - Now $15,939.00!

53JBL Selmer Paris "Series III" Soprano Saxophone (Black Lacquer)
Was $8,679.00 - Now $7,709.00!

53JM Selmer Paris "Series III" Soprano Saxophone (Matte Lacquer)
Was $8,679.00 - Now $7,599.00!

53JS Selmer Paris "Series III" Soprano Saxophone (Silver-Plated Lacquer)
Was $8,959.00 - Now $7,709.00!

64JBL Selmer Paris "Series III" Soprano Saxophone (Black Lacquer)
Was $9,129.00 - Now $8,739.00!

64JM Selmer Paris "Series III" Soprano Saxophone (Matte Lacquer)
Was $9,129.00 - Now $8,589.00!

Job Opening--Woodwind Repair Technician

Midwest Musical Imports is looking for full-time woodwind repair technician.  Applicants should be experienced in all aspects of woodwind repair, preferably with a focus on oboe and bassoon repairs.   We pride ourselves on quality repairs over quantity.  Instruments we repair include:  oboes, English horns, bassoons, contrabassoons, clarinets, flutes and saxophones. Our clientele includes beginning players, schools, college professors, and symphonic professionals.

Qualified candidates should be a graduate of a band instrument repair course and have a basic knowledge/skill to different types of padding, adhesion, key fitting, dent and tenon work.  Preferred skills include body cracks and tenon replacement, but on-site training for these is available. Other necessary skills include:  machine tool operations, soldering/brazing, and understanding of levers, spring, hinges and threaded adjustments.  Candidate will regularly work with customers and must be customer service orientated with good people skills.

Permanent full-time benefits include:  competitive pay, bonuses, paid vacation, paid holidays, retirement plan, generous employee discounts, paid NAPBIRT dues and ongoing educational classes (including attending NAPBIRT conferences and meeting with woodwind manufacturers.)

Pay is commensurate with experience. This is an hourly position.  Current store hours are:  Monday and Thursday 9-7, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 9-5, and Saturday from 9-3.  Schedule may be flexible.  Location is in Minneapolis, MN, in a brand new, light-filled repair shop.

Please send a resume and cover letter via email to: Jessica@mmimports.com  Position is open until filled.  Must be eligible to work in the United States.  Qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule a bench test.

To find more information regarding Midwest Musical Imports, please visit our website at:  www.mmimports.com

Tips from our Techs--Humidity Issues


Tip from head repair technician, Eric Anderson

Summer is that time of year when humidity increases and the wood body of instruments begins to expand.  This happens along the width and length of the wood grain affecting both the fit of keys, levers, and tenons.   When the wood expands in the summer months, woodwind instruments often don't fit together without a struggle, if they even fit together at all! We find that this issue is most prevalent during the first year of a new instrument's life, and especially prevalent in newer clarinets.

If this happens with your instrument to the point where abnormal force is required to take it apart, it's best to have an experienced repair technician take care of it.  A technician will be able to adjust the fit of the tenon cork, the exposed wood on the tenon, or sometimes both.  Ignoring the problem and blowing warm, humid air down your instrument will only make it worse!

The humidity will also make keys fit looser, but don't worry!  We never fit keys too tightly in the summertime because they will most likely expand in the fall/winter and potentially bind once the humidity drops.  Loose key fittings won't harm your instrument, they only cause them to be slightly noisier.  If you can live with the loose key fitting in the summer, great!  It should return to normal in the fall/winter.  If it is an issue for you, we can certainly fix it, and if we do, don't forget to come back to get the fit readjusted after the humidity changes.

If you ever experience issues with your instrument and don't know what to do, remember we are only a phone call away and are happy to help!!