Weber Concerto for Clarinet No. 1 Op. 73 F minor Weston Ed.


Concerto for Clarinet No. 1, Op. 73 by Carl Weber, Edited by Pamela Weston, Pub: Fentone Music LTD

Weber's two clarinet concertos were written in 1811, the same year as the famous Concertino.  The concertos present the same editorial problems as the Concertino, with the soloist's son Carl Baermann having created new and somewhat re-written versions of the works for publication in 1870, but also with Weber's manuscripts and the first published editions being incomplete regarding dynamics and articulation.  At least in the case of the Concertino, one could opine that some of the re-written figures or phrases are more effective for the clarinet than the originals.  A manuscript copy of the full score of Concerto No. 1, made by Weber for soloist Heinrich Baermann, now resides in the Library of Congress and has been digitized online.

Editor Pamela Weston; Foreward in English.  Practical performing edition.  Piano part shows two solo staves above, the first being Weber's original and the second being as edited for the printed solo part.  Mixed "happy medium" approach to articulations.  The role of added cadenzas is controversial, but an insert holds proposed cadenzas and added measures of music that have appeared in older editions.

Table of Contents:
1. Allegro

2. Adagio ma non troppo

3. Rondo: Allegretto

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