Kronwalt Contrabassoon - Traditional Version

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Wolf and Walter have collaborated with instrument innovator Benedikt Eppelsheim to introduce the Kronwalt contrabassoon. This newly designed instrument combines the traditional sound of a contrabassoon with new key innovations. As a result, this instrument boasts excellent construction and comfortable keys. The tone sings in a powerful baritone and projects better with the front-facing bell.

This contrabassoon also features special flageolet keys. This key work comes directly from the Contraforte. The keys are connected by bicycle brake cables to small tone holes on the bocal. This results in amazing high note response and increased high note range as well.

This version of the instrument is designed the way most contrabassoons are - in one piece. These instruments are normally special-order only, and there are options available. Contact us to learn more, and to inquire about the list of options!


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