Fox Model 900 Contrabassoon

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The Fox Model 900 is the mainstay contrabassoon in the Fox product line. They feature excellent response and a comfortable key system that sports many customization options. As a result, contrabassoonists and universities all over the country use this instrument for their orchestras.

The Fox Model 900 has a Black Maple body, the same wood used on 220s and 240s.

Model 900 Additional Features

All key work on the 900 includes silver plating. Additionally, rollers for both little fingers are included. The instrument also features an alternate Eb key for the right index finger.

Fox contrabassoons boast a wide a range of optional custom features. Therefore, each instrument is tailored to the player. However, several options are more common. Please call our bassoon specialists to ask about customization options.

This contrabassoon works for any player in any situation. It is a great starter instrument, and ideal for schools in need of a new instrument.

All Fox contrabassoons come with 2 bocals: a C2 and C3. Additionally, we offer a 2-year, 1-service adjustment warranty with purchase. Please inquire for more details about our warranty policy.

All contrabassoons are on special order only. Please call our bassoon specialists to inquire about pricing and lead time.

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