Kronwalt Contrabassoon - Compact Version

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Wolf and Walter have collaborated with instrument innovator Benedikt Eppelsheim to introduce the Kronwalt contrabassoon. This newly designed instrument combines the traditional sound aesthetics of a contrabassoon with new key innovations to make an instrument that is not only extremely well-constructed, but has beautiful tone and an ergonomic key system.

One of the most distinctive features is the flageolet keys that are built into the bocal. This keywork takes its inspiration from the Contraforte and assists in response and resonance in the higher notes of the instrument.

This version of the instrument has an innovative compact design. It can be taken apart and placed in a special compact case that can be stowed as a carry-on on airplanes! It can also comes with a gigbag upon request. These instruments are normally special-order only, and can come with all of the key options that a traditional version can. To inquire about the compact Kronwalt, and to request an options list, please contact us!


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