Stamitz Concerto for Clarinet and Piano No. 3, Drucker Ed.


Carl Stamitz (1745-1801) was the most prolific composer of the Stamitz family of musicians, associated with the court of Mannheim and its summer palace at Schwetzingen.  He played in the second violin section of the Mannheim Orchestra (1762-70).  He then lived in Paris or Versailles (1770-77), building his reputation as composer and violinist and beginning to make tours to other cities.  Afterward he probably lived in London, The Hague, and Kassel, continuing his career of touring.

Stamitz married in middle age and his children were born during the 1790s.  The family lived in Greiz and then in Jena, neither of which were major cities for music.  None of his children survived to adulthood.  He and his wife died in the same year, 1801.  His possessions were sold after his death to pay off his debts.  His surviving music manuscripts were catalogued but lacked buyers, and the collection disappeared some time after 1812.  Many of his works are lost or are known only by description.

Carl Stamitz composed symphonies, concertos, symphonies concertantes, and chamber music.  Depending on whose comments you are reading, either ten or eleven clarinet concertos are attributed to him.

Editor Stanley Drucker.  Published 1969.  Practical performing edition providing uniform approach to articulation.


Table of Contents:
1. Allegro moderato

2. Romanze

3. Rondo

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