Saxholder instrument harness


The Saxholder is a customizable and light weight harness that is comfortable and ergonomic, relieving all stress off of your neck without the bulk and complexity of cloth harnesses. The lightweight aluminum frame can be gently bent to fit your shoulders, and the lower brace adjusts up or down to accommodate people of differing height. The strap itself suspends the instrument from a point several inches away from the center of your chest, creating a very easy balance without tugging on your neck. The way the shoulder braces interact with the lower brace means you feel very little of the weight of the instrument on your body at all. Designed for saxophones, we can easily replace the hook with a bassoon balance hanger or English horn compatible one at no additional charge. You can specify either English Horn or Bassoon in the 'customer comments' portion of the check-out. A longer cord is included and instructions for changing the cord if you need more distance for bari sax, for instance. Comes in a cloth pouch for you to store the strap in the bell of your saxophone without damaging the finish of your bell.

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