Hooki Bassoon Harness


The latest Ergonomic design in straps/harnesses!

Designed to alleviate the stress/tension that traditional straps put on the neck, Hooki's unique design rests on the shoulder muscles rather than the neck to evenly distribute the weight of the instrument while still allowing the freedom of motion required for performance. The design allows for heavier weights to be supported for longer periods of time without sacrificing comfort or playing position.

Hooki consists of a strong, but elastic aluminium tube: firm enough to carry even heavy instruments
safely – elastic enough to adapt to your playing and body movements.

The Hooki's pads are made of a firm but pliable material.
Their surface is silky smooth and yet they do not slip on clothes.

Available in 2 sizes - the HF2 is the standard size, HF3 is for broader shoulders/arms.



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