Leitzinger Left Hand Rests for Bassoon


From the maker: "The patented hand rest for the left hand provides for a more relaxed hand and body posture through its ergonomic form. This leads to less stress on the musculature of the arm and hand, which consequently improves the airflow and tone."

These Leitzinger hand rests are very comfortable! Made to match the finish of Leitzinger bassoons, they fit the curvature of any other brand. The way they are shaped molds perfectly to your hand, maximizing comfort. In addition, because these are made of wood, they are not prone to deteriorating over time and shouldn't need to be replaced.

The Leitzinger hand rests come in two styles of finish: mahogany and antique. They also come in 4 sizes: S, M, L, and XL. Select the size that best fits the size of your hands. If it the size you purchase doesn't fit, you can send it back and we'll send you a different size, depending on stock levels.

The Leitzinger hand rests come in small pouches. Leitzinger provided adhesive strips to stick to your bassoon as well. These strips won't affect the finish of your bassoon!



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