Fox Wooden Bassoon Hand Rests


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Fox wooden hand rests come packaged with most professional-level Fox bassoons. Although primarily seen in the standard shape, Fox actually carries several hand rest shapes.

MMI does not normally stock these hand rests. We will order them on request, however. They come in 3 varieties and 2 stem sizes.

Stem sizes:

  • 3/16 in. Standard size for Renard bassoon brackets.
  • 5/32 in. Standard size for pro instruments.
  • Threaded. Comes with a silver locknut. Threaded hand rest assemblies allow for the most customization. (Requires threaded bracket)

Hand Rest Types and Prices

  • Type 1. Standard Shape as the plastic ones. $160.
  • Type 2. Slightly curvier. $165.
  • Type 3. More dramatic swoop, designed with the hand contour in mind. $190.

Please call our bassoon specialists today if you are interested in a wooden Fox hand rest!

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