S. Ianov - Clarinet Working Methods: Improve Faster in Less Time


Clarinet method book new in 2021 by Sacha Ianov. Clarinet Working Methods: Improve Faster in Less Time

This book is like no other. It won't teach you how to play the clarinet: there are dozens of effective methods for that. It will teach you how to practice the clarinet efficiently so that you can improve your clarinet as quickly as possible in the shortest time possible. You will be able to play harder and faster scores.

1) ADVICES FOR MOTIVATION TO PLAY CLARINET: Dissociate working the clarinet and playing the clarinet - Law of Least Effort - Select the scores -How often to play the clarinet per week and for how long? -Warming up and working the sound of clarinet -Vary musical style -Is it necessary to learn to read music to play clarinet?

2) CLARINET WORKING TECHNIQUES -Imitate great clarinet players -Shift the beginning of the piece at each session -When you fail Accidentals -Scribbling -How to practice a difficult section in a piece ? -Avoid degradation of a piece over time -The work of musical nuances -Boost your progression: face new challenges -How to learn by heart?

3) TRAINING TO PLAY THE CLARINET IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE OR PREPARE COMPETITIONS -Marathon workout in preparation to perform in front of an audience -Discomfort zone techniques.

4) THE WORK OF THE CLARINET VIRTUOSITY -Virtuosity is mastery -The metronome's work of mastery and stability -Working on sections where the notes are very fast -Back-nibbling technique: for the ultra-difficult -Regularity workouts for difficult sections -Working on a difficult section: x3 x5 x8 repetition -Use the metronome to learn difficult and long sections that include various rhythms -Structure of a working session.


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