Reedspiration Bassoon Reed


The Reedspiration bassoon reed aims to unite the best possible combination of timbre, brightness, pitch stability, response, and flexibility.

The reedmaker does all of the processing from selecting tubes to testing the reeds on their 8000 series Heckel bassoon. They pay special attention to all aspects of the reed, including the diameter, density, hardness, and flexibility of each piece of cane. The maker ensures that each reed comes out as consistent as the last. They shape each piece with a Rimpl shaping press machine on a Rieger 1A shape, guaranteeing consistency between each reed. The maker then polishes the reeds reeds with sandpaper, resulting in a smooth finish.

If you are looking for a consistent, high quality, great-sounding reed, then give Reedspiration bassoon reeds a try!

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