Marigaux 901A Grenadilla, #43xxxA


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At a Glance:

  • Semi-automatic, grenadilla wood, silver plated keys
  • Wood rigorously selected, dried for at least four years
  • Manufactured in accordance with the excellent tradition of French craftsmanship
  • A stable low register that plays with ease - double correspondence on the bell
  • A high register which is even and direct

Introduced into the market in 2019, the 'A Model' Marigaux oboes are a slight redesign of the traditional models that have long been favored by oboists around the world. The 'A' denotes the 'American' model which improves the pitch of the C & G, adds a new vent design in the C key to help with stability in the 3rd octave, the 'Philly D' adjustment in the right hand, and a small tweaks to the top and bottom joint tone hole placement. These oboes have become extremely popular within the US after enjoying much success in orchestras around the world for many years. With their versatility and flexibility it allows each player to truly create their own unique sound and expression. This particular 901A is 1-year old and has been used within our shop for demonstration only and has only ever been owned and maintained by MMI.

Comes in Marigaux hard case with nylon case cover. Also includes a 2-year crack & 1-year maintenance warranty. Accessories included - Leather 3 reed case, cork grease, swab, and plastic Marigaux stand.

Contact the oboe department at 800-926-5587 for trial information and availability.


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