Loree Cabart #23xxx


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Credit Card Price: $4500

Check Price: $4375

At a Glance:

  • Grenadilla Wood
  • Full Conservatory
    • 3rd Octave, Split D-Ring, Low Bb vent

The Loree Cabart oboes are a wonderful option for those seeking a professional level instrument at at more affordable price range. Since 2019, we have been carrying these oboes with a full conservatory mechanism (adding the split-D on the right hand) making them the same level as the top of the line Loree oboes. With a bore design the same as the standard c+3 professional oboe (also known as the C bore or Standard), these instruments have found homes in the hands of students and professionals alike!

Comes in Loree hard case w/nylon case cover. Also includes a 2-year crack & 1-year maintenance warranty. Accessories include - 3 reed case, screw driver, cork grease, and microfiber swab. Contact our oboe department at 800-926-5587 for trial information and availability.


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