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Repair technician Eric Anderson is now hand-carving right hand crutches for bassoon. The design is more ergonomic than a traditional crutch style, and allows for more precise control of the bassoon and more freedom of movement of the fingers in the right hand. The crutches come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large with custom stem fitting.
If you are interested in the Anderson crutch, please call us to set up a trial.

We keep 4 basic sizes in stock in the shop. The stem for the crutches can be custom sized at no additional cost. If the desired crutch size/color is not in stock, the approximate wait time is 2-5 months depending on time of year, with the summer months being the longest wait. If the right size crutch is in stock but the stem needs to be custom sized then the wait time will be approximately 1-3 weeks.

Due to the customization aspects of this product, it is best to consult directly with Eric or one of our bassoon specialists to get more details. If you choose to order online, you will be contacted directly within 24 hours to discuss details of the order and possible trials for crutches that are currently in stock. If you have any questions regarding the crutches, it's best you consult us directly before you purchase.

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