Spring Savings!

Just in time for the arrival of Spring in Minnesota, we're offering up savings on Instruments, Bocals, and Accessories!  Check out our sale sections for oboe, bassoon, and single reeds for all of sale items!

And don't forget about our spring shipping rebate!  Now through May 31st, if you purchase an instrument from a trial we'll be happy to refund or apply your shipping toward the purchase of the instrument!

Our instrument specialists are always in the shop if you need to reach us for any reason - 800.926.5587.

Happy Spring!

Your Midwest Musical Imports Instrumental & Repair Teams,

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Current Buffet-Crampon R13 Clarinet Inventory - 3/18/14

Current R13 Bb clarinet stock includes:buffet-crampon-r13
S#634680 - Nickel Keys
S#636044 - Nickel Keys
S#634729 - Nickel Keys
S#650657 - Nickel Keys
S#650658 - Nickel Keys
S#650672 - Nickel Keys
S#650684 - Nickel Keys
S#650699 - Nickel Keys
S#650705 - Nickel Keys
S#651165 - Nickel Keys
S#651617 - Nickel Keys

S#635830 - Silver Keys
S#645878 - Silver Keys
S#649075 - Silver Keys
S#649077 - Silver Keys
S#650152 - Silver Keys
S#650161 - Silver Keys

Current R13 A Clarinet stock:
S#648431 - Nickel Keys
S#650787 - Nickel Keys

S#633998 - Silver Keys

Visit our store, contact Brandon(AT)mmimports.com or call us at (800) 926-5587 for more information.

Instrument Trial Shipping Rebate

Now through May 31st, 2014 we're pleased to offer an instrument trial shipping rebate! We have a large selection of new and used oboes, bassoons, and clarinets in stock and if you purchase an instrument now through the end of May we're please to refund your trial shipping costs on all standard ground shipping!

Right now we have a vast selection of new and used oboes with a new batch of Loree oboes arriving from Paris. We also have brand new Howarth, Marigaux, Fox, and Buffet oboes in stock and ready to ship for trials.

fox240In the bassoon department we have new Puchner pro bassoons, Takeda, Wolf, and Fox pro and Renard bassoons. We have quite the selection of Fox 240 bassoons here and available!

We are also stocking a large selection of Buffet R13 Clarinets in both nickel & silver plating. These instruments just arrived to us from Buffet and are ready for trials!

Here at Midwest Musical Imports we are musicians serving musicians. All of our instruments are under the care of experienced musicians specializing in their respective instruments. We work hard to get the highest quality instruments for all of your performance needs. Contact our instrumental specialists in the shop at 800.926.5587, or visit our Instrument Trials page for more information.

Reeds and Weather

objuliepaul-reedThe weather in Minneapolis took an upward turn overnight last night. Our temperatures are now in double digits above zero for the first time in weeks! With a dramatic change in weather you might find a change in your reeds.

I don't know if anyone has come to any scientific conclusions on how reeds react to different weather changes, but for most of us we just know that when the weather shifts, so will our reeds. We just don't always know how they'll change. There are some things you can do to even out the bumps though. These tips might also help you when you travel to a slightly different climate or altitude than your home. Your Mileage May Vary.

Try soaking up your reeds briefly, then just putting them away. Give them a chance to adjust to the new weather pattern without stressing them by playing. You'll find they've acclimated to the new conditions the next day.

Long term, you can spend more days in the reed making process. I find that a reed that has some time to settle as a blank before beginning the finishing process, and given frequent but short playing sessions for the first week after finishing, will usually be more stable over weather changes (and last longer) than reeds made and finished in just a few short sessions. For single reed players, this translates to a gradual break-in process for new reeds out of the box.

For more tips, visit the Tips and Resources section of our blog.

New Buffet R13 Clarinets are here!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest batch of Buffet-Crampon clarinets.  We have new R13 Bb clarinets with both Nickel and Silver keys, the new E12 France Bb clarinet and a few R13 A clarinets too.

Try an Instrument

We always recommend that you try an instrument before you make your decision. That's why we're pleased to offer our one-week instrument trials, free except for the cost of shipping. Play before you buy!

R13 Bb Clarinets

BuffetR-13clarinetThis clarinet is one of Buffet Crampon’s historic models. Created in 1955 by Robert Carrée, the R13 clarinet was a big hit in the United States and still meets with unprecedented success. Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers. Its flexibility lends itself to all repertoires: symphonies or chamber music, soloists, teachers, military bands, students or amateurs. Current Bb clarinet stock includes: S#634680 - Nickel Keys S#636044 - Nickel Keys S#634729 - Nickel Keys S#650657 - Nickel Keys S#650658 - Nickel Keys S#650672 - Nickel Keys S#650684 - Nickel Keys S#650699 - Nickel Keys S#650705 - Nickel Keys S#651156 -  Nickel Keys S#651604 - Nickel Keys S#651617 - Nickel Keys Read More...

The problem with metronomes...

MetronomeThere's at least a dozen jokes about metronomes, but they can be one of the most helpful tools for a musician to play with technical and rhythmical accuracy. There's more to using a metronome than just setting the metronome to performance tempo and attempting to keep up. Here are some strategies for using  metronome more effectively.

1. Start way slower than you think you need to. You'll clean up your fingering and embouchure technique greatly if you practice at VERY slow and controlled speeds. To make sure you're not speeding up, lock that metronome at a subdivided tempo and stay with it.


Used Instrument Warranty

When it's time to replace a musical instrument, sometimes purchasing a brand new instrument may not be an option. Midwest Musical Imports is pleased to offer a wide selection of high quality used instruments that will fit your needs.  We also offer a 1-year maintenance and crack warranty included with the purchase of select used oboes, bassoons, clarinets, and saxophones!

Call our instrument specialists at 612-331-4717 for further information and trial availability!

Save on Instrument and Bocal Trials!

Save on instrument and bocal trials!  Now through the end of May, if you purchase an instrument or bocal through us, we will refund your instrument trial shipping charge.  Please call our instrument specialists to set up a trial and for further information.

We currently have a great selection of new and used instruments available with Special Spring Prices!

F.Loree oboes - Standards & Royals (regular and AKs) now on special

Fox 333 oboes - Fox's Protege model, beginner plastic oboes

Fox 240 Bassoons - The Fox Renard (short Bore), one of the most popular selling bassoons on the market!

Wolf s2000 & Wolf 2000+ Bassoons - These hand-crafted, German made bassoons are gaining popularity.  In stock and on special!

Yamaha CSG Bb Clarinet

Bliss Bb Clarinets

Yamaha 221 and 321 Flutes

Yamaha 875 EXHG Soprano Saxophone


Other special instrument pricing available - contact our instrument specialists for further details

Whatever your instrument or bocal needs, we're here to help.  We're pleased to stock a wide selection of new and used oboes, bassoons, clarinets, and saxophones as well as a vast selection of new and used bocals for Bassoon and English horn!

Clarinet Reeds Guide


Reeds can be one of the most frustrating, but important, parts of playing any woodwind instrument. Reeds are expensive, and many times parents opt for the cheapest box of reeds available but this can have serious effects on a young player's musical development. Cheap reeds can be stuffy and hard to play, making it difficult to produce a good sound. There are many different brands of reeds and they come in different strengths, shapes or cuts. Read More...

Clarinet Mouthpieces and Ligatures

Mouthpiece Setup

Your mouthpiece setup (Reed, Ligature, & Mouthpiece) is a critical component of any total instrument setup, and may be more important than the clarinet itself in the early stages of playing. Assuming the main body of the clarinet working properly, spending a little extra time and money on mouthpiece setup can greatly improve the response, intonation, tone quality, and easy of playing of the instrument. After all, this is the part of the instrument that produces the actual sound. It's important to remember that choosing a mouthpiece setup is an extremely individual process and just because a particular setup works for one person doesn't mean it will work for you. A good clarinet teacher or our clarinet specialist will be able to point you in the right direction so don't be afraid to ask questions. Read More...