5 Ways Musicians Can Use Social Media

Social Media Tips for Musicians

As musicians are honing their musical talents in an effort to win audiences, social media is increasingly drawing attention away. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are growing accustomed to receiving entertainment in short, free bursts, rather than enjoying an hour or more of a performance at a concert hall or auditorium.

To reach today’s audiences, it’s important musicians at all levels learn to leverage the internet to spread information. Whether it’s sharing information about how your orchestra is progressing or getting the word out about an upcoming event, sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a great, free way to accomplish your goals. Here are a few ways musicians can harness the power of social media.

Sponsor a Contest

One way to get the word out about your music is to host a contest. Offer a reward in exchange for a like or share. This will help build your audience at the outset so that you’ll have readers whenever you post content or news.

Share Images

While music may rely on the ears, today’s social media is becoming increasingly visually-interested. Capturing the attention of readers means standing out in a newsfeed or a page of search results. Consider occasionally posting photos of rehearsals and performances and asking friends and family to like and share the photos. That will call attention to the hard work you’re doing and encourage the public to attend your next performance.


One of the best ways to entice audiences to your upcoming performance is to show video of the hard work you’re doing.  Your followers will become invested in the process and will enjoy watching your progress along the way. By the time you get to opening night, they’ll already feel as though they’ve followed your rehearsals for so long, they’re your cheering squad.

Support Other Artists

Some of the most successful musicians in the social media space have been able to build communities of other artists. They share in each other’s successes, share tips and news, and create a general environment of support for classical music. You may start out with a core group of musicians you work with daily, then expand to include others in your own community and even throughout the world. The camaraderie you’ll build between yourself and others who share your passion will help you find new ways to engage audiences and pursue opportunities.

Build Communities

One of the best things classical musicians can do is build a forum that welcomes local supporters of the arts. Most communities have a small, but faithful core group of art patrons who are eager to keep up with local arts happenings. Either create a new forum for bringing these supporters together or participate in an existing one. Doing so will help ensure when you have an event, there will be an audience to tell about it.

The internet has a way of helping people connect. Through social media, musicians can find other musicians and connect with audiences in ways not previously available. By setting aside a few minutes each day to make connections and share updates on your progress, you’ll be able to build a core audience that will support you throughout your career as an artist.